I offer high-quality writing, editing, and speaking services, with the goal of bringing readers and listeners closer to classical music and the stories behind it.

What I Offer & What to Expect

Program notes

  • Experience writing about a wide variety of music (from J.S. Bach to Christopher Cerrone)
  • Approachable, engaging, and concise style
  • Illuminates historical context and notable musical details
  • Thoroughly researched and edited
  • Can do single notes or longer, unified essays

Pre-concert talks

  • Experience speaking to both large and small audiences
  • Engaging and lighthearted speaking style
  • Finding relevant themes and points of interest
  • Can include audio and/or visual examples


  • A keen eye for detail—spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Skilled at locating and cleaning up clutter
  • Language and style suggestions
  • Familiarity with Chicago Manual of Style
  • Experience working with college students and professional arts organizations


  • Liner notes
  • Blog posts
  • Articles and essays
  • Interviews
  • Academic talks
Past & Present Clients Include…
  • Aspen Music Festival and School
  • Music Academy of the West
  • Seattle Symphony
  • Philharmonic Society of Orange County
  • Chamber Music Northwest
  • Chavdar Parashkevov
  • South Coast Symphony
  • UC Santa Barbara

Program notes

Liner notes (samples available upon request)

  • Brahms and Shostakovich: Piano Trios No. 2 – Chavdar Parashkevov, Louis-Marie Fardet, & Victor Valkov (Francoeur, 2021)
  • Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler: Works for Violin and Piano – Chavdar Parashkevov & Natasha Kislenko (Chavdar Music, 2018)

Blog posts


Starting Rates*

Program notes: $100 (for individual note), $250 (for full concert set or program essay)**

Liner notes: $250 (for booklet essay)

Editing: negotiable

Pre-concert talks: $250

Other: contact for more info

*Prices vary depending on lead time, word count, and other project needs.

**Some previously-written program notes are available for reprint. See “Program & liner note database” above for more info.

Interested? Contact me at the link below.